Our Mission

While our focus is primarily to grow our brand which will grow our business, we are also committed to the agenda of making the world a better place. Our primary mission is to offer high quality chocolates to our customers, the most delicious treats fit for royalty. We also want to play our role towards social change through social entrepreneurship and philanthropy participation, our company continues to support organizations that contributes towards community development.
We give back to our communities!!



Dew Drop Chocolates began in 2014 when Beverly Hinton Dew decided to make chocolate covered peanuts for her family as Christmas gifts. After overwhelmingly amazing complements and everyone loving the chocolates, she decided that was enough unction to start the magic and push her purpose into a practical reality.It was in February 2017 when Dew Drop Chocolates was officially commercialized from just being accessible to friends and family, to the doors being opened to the world. Currently a  retired scientist who served for 30 years, Ms. Dew has built the company into a supplier of chocolates, gift boxes, snacking and confectionery items. Her passion and experience in research and science has assisted Dew Drop Chocolates to understand that their product is not only just chocolate but is a trader of gifts of love and a bridge to the desired energy and happiness. There is a reason why chocolate is loved by people around the world — it actually causes a chemical reaction in the brain that makes you happy, a perfect gift and product to be shared as a gift of love. For Love is happiness !!

Beverly Dew


Our Chocolate

Our chocolate is a combination of raw ingredients that deliver fine
chocolates that are savored by both milk chocolate and dark chocolate lovers. Our nuts are slowly roasted to achieve the rich flavor that each nut offers. You will be spoiled for choices from Almonds, Cashews, Peanuts, Pecans and Walnuts. We also use fresh blueberries, raisins, cherries and strawberries for those fruity flavor lovers. We are a fully integrated facility using the best processes and obviously that traditional secret family recipe twist incorporating technology and expertise for treats fit for royalty.






While the love of God, Grace, family, hard work and the preservation of the family heritage have been a founding
factor for Dew Drop Chocolates. The company has been built on a firm foundation of sound human values, building a legacy on sound principles. Our passion for delivering quality products and service is our formula for winning. Our dedication is focused on achieving the highest possible performance in all that we do with consistency and excellence. We never compromise on quality!!



With meticulous perfect balance of excellence, we will consistently offer all our clients quality chocolates and service. As we are growing our brand rapidly, we firmly believe in, winning our clients hearts and retaining their loyalty. We will exceed your expectation!!